ONE YEAR LATER: Looking back at the April Tinsley cold case breakthrough

It took 30 years, but family members of April Tinsley finally got answers after their 8-year-old was found raped and murdered in southern DeKalb County.

Family: ‘He killed her. I want his head.’

Family of April Tinsley spoke out Friday after they sat in the court room as John D. Miller admitted to abducting and raping April Tinsley. The family feels strongly that justice wasn’t served, even though Miller will likely spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Special Report: “Retiring the Robe”

Allen Superior Court Chief Judge John Surbeck is retiring at the end of the year after serving 30 years on the bench, but not before possibly presiding over the April Tinsley murder case, if the case goes to trial.


Needed rain ending, making way to high heat

Needed rain ending, making way to high heat

Enjoy temperatures in the mid-80's today, because the heat arrives later this week.

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