Special prosecutor in Sheriff Gladieux case tours Headwaters Park

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Fort Wayne’s NBC) — The special prosecutor in the investigation involving Allen County Sheriff Dave Gladieux visited Headwaters Park to see for himself where an alleged assault took place during the Three Rivers Festival.

Madison County Prosecutor Rodney Cummings of Anderson is the special prosecutor appointed to decide whether charges should be filed against Allen County Sheriff Dave Gladieux.

“I have a map, but getting a sense for where things were, it’s helpful to get some context and makes it easier for me to understand,” Cummings says.

He drove up to Fort Wayne Wednesday with the state police detective out of the Pendleton post assigned to investigate the case to tour Headwaters Park where the incident allegedly happened.

“I think it potentially could have a lot of input on the decision that we make. There are some things I can’t really talk to you about, but I’ll probably know more by the end of the day or maybe in a few days from now where we’re headed with this case,” Cummings says.

Back in July, as the Three Rivers Festival closed for an evening, Fort Wayne police wrote an incident report detailing claims that Gladieux was involved in a disturbance.

The incident apparently involved a locked area near temporary bathrooms where Gladieux allegedly pushed a teenage festival volunteer, who reportedly fell into something and sustained minor injuries.

“We started interviewing people pretty shortly after this happened,” Indiana State Police Det. Scott Jarvis says.

He says while his investigation is nearly finished, there are still more witnesses to talk to.

“There’s always people that remember seeing something after the fact that come forward. But, yeah, we’ve got a few more people that I was notified of earlier in the week that need to be interviewed,” he says,

Cummings and Jarvis talked to the alleged victim and his parents, and met with the sheriff’s attorney while they were in town.

“In cases where it does happen this way, if there’s an attorney involved, we always talk to the lawyer,” Cummings says.

The men say they are investigating the case like any other, even though Gladieux is an elected official.

Cummings says he hopes to make a decision about whether to charge Gladieux with anything in the next week.

We will continue to follow this case, and bring you developments as we know them.

Corinne Rose

Corinne Rose

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