Who were the Hoosiers at Monday’s ‘MAGA’ rally?

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Fort Wayne’s NBC) – A variety of Hoosiers spent Monday night inside the Coliseum, hoping to hear President Trump speak ahead of election night on issues that are most important to them.

Business owners, student, and volunteers united over policy and presidential action taken over the past two years.

Debbie Meruani, a small business owner, says the President’s stance on immigration hits close to home.

“My husband is an immigrant and he came into this country the right way,” she says. “You can’t come in the back door, you have to come through the front door and do it legally

Colin Nicol works for his family business. He says he wants to see a unified nation under Trump’s leadership.

“He wants to bring the country together,” he says. “I think people have had enough of the hate and division.”

And finally, Bronson Engquist, a young man volunteering for the Jim Banks Campaign, says he’s proud of the booming economy in light of last Friday’s positive jobs report.

“If you look at the polls from last week, they’ve created millions of jobs. I think its great because Indiana is one of the great conservative states.”

These folks say they were excited to see ’45’ in the Fort and will carry that excitement to the polls Tuesday.



Kristin Kasper

Kristin Kasper

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