Chimp named Alex is latest new attraction at Baltimore’s zoo

BALTIMORE (AP) — A chimpanzee named Alex is the latest new attraction at Baltimore’s zoo.

In a Tuesday statement, the Maryland Zoo announced that Alex has recently completed a month-long quarantine, a standard procedure when introducing a new animal. He was able to see and hear the other chimps in the zoo’s “Chimpanzee Forest” exhibit during that time.

The 21-year-old primate is gradually being introduced to the zoo’s troop of 11 chimpanzees, which include eight females and three other males. The animals range in age from 12 to 47. He came from a much smaller troop at Indiana’s Potawatomi Zoo.

Pam Carter is the exhibit’s manager. She says Alex’s introduction “will be strategic and unhurried” and their hope is he will grow “confident and comfortable around everyone.”

Chimpanzees are classified as endangered.

Associated Press

Associated Press

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