Drexel Ave. stabbing witness says the man who stabbed another was doing it for self defense

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FORT WAYNE, IND. (Fort Wayne’s NBC) – A woman on the city’s Southeast Side is left frustrated after she says her neighbors saw the stabbing happen in the 2800 block of Drexel Ave. but aren’t speaking up.

Police say they found one man unresponsive with two stab wounds.

Fort Wayne’s NBC spoke with a witness who says she knows the man stabbed and the man who hurt him.

Lisa Ramirez lives on Drexel Avenue and says she saw the stabbing happen late Saturday night.

“We thought he was dead, until he got into the ambulance and we saw him gasping for air and we were like okay he’s not dead, he’s not dead, he’s not dead,” said Ramirez.

Ramirez said she heard yelling down the street so she went outside, that’s when she said she saw a mob of people she thought were fighting.

Then she said she saw everyone scatter, saying a neighbor she knows was outside her home, stumbling, bloody from head to toe.

So she says she brought him in, trying to help.

“And he’s like I think I stabbed him, I think I stabbed him. He was like man they were jumping me, I was like are you okay. But there was blood and he was beat up,” said Ramirez.

That’s when she says he told her he was jumped, and in self-defense stabbed someone.

Ramirez said, “It shouldn’t have gotten to that, okay there was fight, okay let the fight breakup. But someone was stabbed because of it, because you all thought it was cool watching a fight.”

Ramirez says she want’s the police to know the truth, that the man who did the stabbing is innocent.

Because he says he acted in self-defense, and she believes him.

However, she says other neighbors who were there aren’t speaking up.

“Nobody does nothing, everybody is like oh well, it’s not my business. But it is because we are a community and if nobody does anything than how do you expect the community to get better. That’s the problem with this world is no one wants to help one another, I am. People can say I am a snitch and it doesn’t bother me, but as long as I can save one person from going to prison I will take that name. I will take being a snitch as long as he’s free.”

Ramirez says she hopes the man responsible for the stabbing turns himself in to police.

“There’s people like me that are going to have your [man she says is responsible for stabbing] back, that’s going to speak the truth that’s not going to lie. Just turn yourself in and do the right thing, I know you are scared, but running is not going to make it any better.”

At last report the man stabbed was listed in critical condition.

Police still have not talked with a suspect if you know anything, you’re asked to call police.


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Kaitlyn Kendall

Kaitlyn Kendall

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