TN shelter who euthanized Allen Co. dog responds

(Fort Wayne’s NBC) — The Tennessee shelter who euthanized a 2.5-year-old Shepherd mix that was set to make its way back to Allen County has released a statement on the situation.

Fort Wayne’s NBC previously reported that Jax was surrendered to the Rutherford County Paws shelter in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and his microchip showed he was adopted in Allen County.

The ASPCA said they wanted to bring Jax back, and lined up a volunteer to bring Jax home. But they were later told that RCP had put Jax down due to behavioral issues.

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According to the Allen County SPCA, their shelter manager tried to call the RCP and left voicemails over the week of the Fourth of July.

RCP responded to the situation, saying that they “did not receive confirmation that he would be picked up from the original shelter, and thus had to make this decision for protection of our staff, residents and other members of the public.”

Their full statement is as follows:



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