Linda Jackson honored with statewide judges association award

The Indiana Judges Association on Thursday presented anchor Linda Jackson with the 2018 award for Excellence in Public Information and Education.

Congressman Jim Banks opioid roundtable happening Monday

ALLEN COUNTY, Ind. (Fort Wayne’s NBC)-  Congressman Jim Banks is hoping to move forward in the fight against the opoid crisis. He will be joined by 5th District Congressman Susan Brooks to host a roundtable discussion focusing on how the opoid crisis is affecting Indiana. Judge Wendy Davis will join the discussion along with community leaders, health care, and law enforcement officials.  Fort Wayne’s NBC will be there to bring you coverage of the event. 

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Opioid Alternative: A closer look at stem cell therapy

FORT WAYNE, Ind. — If you’ve ever dealt with pain – serious, long lasting pain – you likely already know some of the traditional ways it’s treated. Often, it includes powerful opioid and as we’ve shown you here on Fort Wayne’s NBC, for many – those drugs can get you "hooked." Now Fort Wayne’s NBC takes a close look at a fairly new alternative for treating pain.  It’s called stem cell therapy and unlike the alternatives – the pain medications that can be highly a…

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Hooked: The Opioid Epidemic Hits Home

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Fort Wayne’s NBC) — Our Hooked series continues on Fort Wayne’s NBC. Kristin Kasper spoke with a Fort Wayne Mom who tell us no one is immune to addiction, including her sister and daughter. Hear her journey of denial, fear, acceptance and hope on Hooked: The Opioid Epidemic Hits Home.

Hooked: A Life Worth Saving

FORT WAYNE, Ind. — (Fort Wayne’s NBC) All month long, Fort Wayne’s NBC is taking a closer look at the nationwide opioid epidemic and how it’s affecting the Fort Wayne community in our series called, "Hooked: The Opioid Epidemic Hits Home." In this segment, we introduce you to the paramedics working daily to save lives in the Fort, and to a woman who has been saved by the overdose reversing drug Narcan five times.  She is grateful to be alive today to share her story, …

Autumn’s Awakening

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Fort Wayne’s NBC) —  This month Fort Wayne’s NBC is working on an in-depth series called "Hooked: The Opioid Epidemic Hits Home."  As part of that series we’ve talked with police officers, a judge and pain management specialists.  During this part of the series we spoke with people in the Fort who are currently struggling with heroin addiction, and some who have been able to get clean.  One of the most compelling stories comes fro…

Hooked: Treating the Pain – What area doctors are doing to combat the opioid epidemic

FORT WAYNE, Ind. — (Fort Wayne’s NBC) All month long, Fort Wayne’s NBC is taking a closer look at the nationwide opioid epidemic and how it’s affecting the Fort Wayne community. The reach of the opioid epidemic into Fort Wayne became clearer July 2017, when a Fort Wayne doctor and two pharmacists were indicted in the nation’s largest health care fraud take down ever. Dr. James Ranochak and pharmacists Brent Losier and Charles Ringger faced nearly a dozen charges including ille…

SPECIAL REPORT — Hooked: A Life Sentence

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Fort Wayne’s NBC) — Stay with Fort Wayne’s NBC News this month for a series of special reports on the opioid crisis in The Fort. Our goals are to look closely at the problem, brainstorm for solutions and to highlight the struggles of people who are addicted and the successes of those who have turned their lives around. First and foremost.  We hope to help. Here’s Linda Jackson’s special report from Thursday night that kicked off our coverage.  It’s…


Bitter cold then rain Tuesday night

Bitter cold then rain Tuesday night

Dangerously cold temps are in place as we are below zero across the viewing area. Wind chills of 20 below

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Experts share strategies to stay safe in subfreezing temperatures

Experts shared tips to help folks stay safe in subfreezing temperatures.

Now that the snow is over, the bitter cold is settling in

Now that the snow is behind us, folks in the Fort and across northeast Indiana have to battle the bitter

Pizza drivers steer through slick roads to deliver customer orders

Pizza drivers from Lexy's Pizzas steered through slick roads to deliver customers their orders.

Snow Day in the Fort

Snow started to fall across Allen County early on in the morning, and the temperatures started to fall, as well. 

Fort Wayne organizations ready to shelter people from cold

As the temperatures dip, several Fort Wayne organizations say they are ready to help shelter those in need.

Travel Advisory issued for Allen County due to snow and wind conditions

A travel advisory has been issued for Allen County.