Keeping your skin hydrated in bitterly cold temperatures

The winter weather can dry out your skin, but there are ways to protect yourself and keep your skin hydrated. 

Government shutdown may impact scam calls

The Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Communications Commission are part of the shutdown, so there is no one in Washington to administer the country’s anti-robocall rules. 

911 dispatcher recounts Jayme Closs call

The dispatcher who answered the 911 call about the discovery of 13-year-old Jayme Closs talks about her experience on the other end of the emergency call. KARE’s Gordon Severson reports.

Focused on the Fork: Nawa

Even though they only opened about a year ago, Nawa wasted little time in becoming one of Fort Wayne’s favorite Asian restaurants. With a menu


Bitter cold then rain Tuesday night

Bitter cold then rain Tuesday night

Dangerously cold temps are in place as we are below zero across the viewing area. Wind chills of 20 below

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Experts share strategies to stay safe in subfreezing temperatures

Experts shared tips to help folks stay safe in subfreezing temperatures.

Now that the snow is over, the bitter cold is settling in

Now that the snow is behind us, folks in the Fort and across northeast Indiana have to battle the bitter

Pizza drivers steer through slick roads to deliver customer orders

Pizza drivers from Lexy's Pizzas steered through slick roads to deliver customers their orders.

Snow Day in the Fort

Snow started to fall across Allen County early on in the morning, and the temperatures started to fall, as well. 

Fort Wayne organizations ready to shelter people from cold

As the temperatures dip, several Fort Wayne organizations say they are ready to help shelter those in need.

Travel Advisory issued for Allen County due to snow and wind conditions

A travel advisory has been issued for Allen County.