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Hundreds of unvaccinated workers suspended from IU Health


(CNN) --- Those on suspensions will be able to return to work if they attest to partial of full vaccination.

IU Health officials tell me the other 700 of the 1,000 who remain not full vaccinated are either on their way to getting the vaccine or just waiting on their second dose.

IU Health officials gave this statement.

"As COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations continue to surge, the hospitals will temporarily suspend 100% of inpatient elective surgeries. The surge of COVID-19 patient volumes has continued to accelerate, and this temporary change is needed to further relieve pressure on our care team."

IU Health officials

In June, hundreds of the healthcare workers protested against the vaccine mandate claiming it was a violation of their medical freedom to choose.

One of those organizers, Tracis Staley, who works at IU Health says, "All people want is choice. Patients will be the ones who suffer from the hospitals' decision to take away their employees' rights."

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