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COVID-19 vaccine awareness to be promoted at TinCaps games

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Fort Wayne's NBC) -- The president of the Fort Wayne TinCaps says at games, the team will promote getting the coronavirus vaccine.

"We want to use baseball as the platform and Parkview Field as the venue to really help spread the vaccine awareness," Mike Nutter said.

Nutter firmly believes in helping in any way he can to help achieve herd immunity for the coronavirus.

"We haven't made it mandatory for our full-time people or our seasonal people, but we are encouraging everybody," he said.

Opening day, Parkview Field will be limited to 25% capacity, or about 3,000 fans.

"Baseball's going to look at little different at Parkview Field this year," Brent Harring said.

Harring and his wife both work for the TinCaps, and have wanted to get their shots.

They got word on their way to work Monday morning that they were finally eligible.

"We couldn't get to my desk fast enough, and we started looking at different vaccines and the math with Opening Day being May 4, it was sort of a goal to try to get fully vaccinated by that time. So we were able to get in at Parkview next Saturday for our first dose, which would set us up with Pfizer. The weekend before Opening Day we should get our second dose," Group Sales Director Harring said.

Bill Lehn and his wife had COVID-19 in August, and he says they've now had their two doses of the vaccine.

"Talking about polio or any of those other pandemics that hit the world over the years, and the vaccines work and the science works, and I'm just a firm believer of that," Director of Food & Beverage Lehn said.

Opening day, Parkview Field will be limited to 25% capacity, or about 3,000 fans.

Nutter says while masks will be required -- likely will be for some time -- announcements will also be made over the speakers and on the scoreboard urging people to get vaccinated.

"There'll be signage up on the new video board, I'm sure there'll be stuff as people are coming in the gates, but certainly announcements letting people know the mask requirements, the social distancing requirements. At this time tomorrow we'll be out here with most of the staff zip-tying the seats that will not be in use at the beginning for social distancing requirements and things like that," he said.

Opening day is May 4h.

Nutter says he's working closely with the local health department to ensure everyone's safety.

Corinne Rose

Corinne Rose is a reporter for WPTA.

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