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Skowronek catches two touchdowns in Notre Dame victory

PITTSBURGH (FORT WAYNE'S NBC) - Homestead graduate, Ben Skowronek catches two touchdown passes, as Notre Dame beats Pittsburgh, 45 to 3.

Skowronek, held back this season with a hamstring injury, shows what he can be to this team.

Ian Book and Skowronek trained over the summer together for moments like this.

The offensive duo connects in the first and second quarter to add to the Irish lead.

The second catch, possibly more impressive.

Book launches the football downfield to Skowronek, who reaches for it and hauls it in for a 73-yard touchdown play.

"Making plays on Saturday is always so rewarding, when you practice so hard all the way through fall camp and every single week," Skowronek said.

Megan Salle

Megan Salle is the Sports Reporter and Weekend Sports Anchor for Fort Wayne’s NBC.

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