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“He’s not fighting for his life. He’s fighting for his limb”: Family of hit and run victim discuss his recovery

FORT WAYNE Ind. (Fort Wayne's NBC) - Tim Baker was pinned between two cars at a gas station last week, his family members say it cut off circulation to his right leg and the doctors have been working every day since to save it. 

Brandee Johnson is under arrest after police say she ran into Baker at the Speedway gas station on Bluffton Road nearly a week ago pinning him between two cars. 

Baker’s step-dad Daniel Hitzeman says he stopped at a gas station early September 4th when he got a call.  

"I got a call at 2:30 in the morning saying that Tim has been hit,” Hitzeman said.  

Police say baker was pinned between the two vehicles and the woman ran off leaving her one-year-old in a car seat. 

"She pinched him almost right in the middle of her bumper and he was over towards the right side of his vehicle,” he said. “He was stuck there, and he had to stay stuck there.” 

"He's not fighting for his life. He's fighting for his limb." He says a witness helped Baker create a tourniquet potentially saving his leg. 

Police arrested 28-year-old Brandee Johnson on multiple charges. Investigators say she took off but left her car and her one-year-old child behind. Police say, in an interview, Johnson told them she overheard three men at the gas station saying racial slurs towards her but she never meant to harm anyone.

"If that girl thinks he's that kind of person, she never got to know him," Hitzeman said. “’In any case, he’s already forgiven her.” 

He says doctors are working to fully repair Baker’s right leg and the family is raising money to pay for his medical expenses.  

“Please help us out with Tim, he’s a good guy, he’s been hurt needlessly,” Hitzeman said.  

Baker was a truck driver and the doctors say since his right leg was injured, he will no longer be able to drive.  

“She stole his livelihood,” Hitzeman said. “We want Tim better as soon as possible, we want him back here with us, pain free.” 

Police say Johnson told them she saw the men pointing and laughing at her and that she "should have went home but everything happened so fast "and from there Johnson told police she fled the scene because she already had warrants out for her arrest.  

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