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Dreamers react to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling to block an action that would end the DACA program

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FORT WAYNE Ind. (Fort Wayne's NBC) - The U.S. Supreme Court ruling to block President Trump’s effort to end the DACA program sparks reaction from local recipients.  

Otherwise known as Dreamers, recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, say the ruling is a victory but it’s not the end of their battle.  

“I came here when I was a baby. Fort Wayne, the United states in general is all I really know.” Fort Wayne DACA recipient, Brayan Castillo, said. “I hope that one day we can become citizens and be a part of the United States because ultimately we are the American dream.” 

The ruling was 5-4 to block an effort to end the DACA program, and force Dreamers to return to the country they were born.  

“A Dreamer means, having to go through the regular obstacles in life but with another 50-pound weight on your head,” DACA recipient, Jose Ruiz, said. “I'm feeling really happy, I know the battles not won yet, but I know it’s a good step forward.” 

Ruiz says Fort Wayne, and the United States, is their home.  

“I just hope that they find it in their hearts to see that we’re American’s and we’re everything but a document,” Ruiz said. 

Each DACA recipient came to the U.S. when they were minors, or even as children, alongside their undocumented parents.  

“They wanted to come here to give their family a better life, just like my parents did for me,” DACA recipient, Brandonn Guevera, said. “And that’s the overall goal of migrating to the United States, for a better life.” 

Guevera says he feels like he’s living in a constant state of panic.  

“I became adjusted to living in fear,” he said. “Because before DACA, we had to live in fear of our parents getting deported.” 

The DACA program allows them to stay in the U.S. with a status renewal every two year, but he says there needs to be more than that.  

“I feel like this is such a huge victory not only for us Dreamers, but our friends, our families,” Guevera said. “And I think America as a whole wins.” 

Karli VanCleave

Karli VanCleave is a multimedia journalist at WPTA for the evening newscast. Karli is a Fort Wayne native and Indiana University Bloomington graduate.
Feel free to connect with her on Facebook (@KarliVanCleaveNews) and Twitter (@Karli_VanCleave), or if you have a story idea send her an email at

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