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Allen County Councilman Brown talks with Fort Wayne’s NBC News about controversial comments

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Fort Wayne's NBC) -- We've been telling you about controversial comments made by Allen County Councilman, Larry Brown, during today's council meeting.

Tonight, Fort Wayne's NBC evening anchor Linda Jackson reached Brown, who was out of town, by phone and asked him several questions.

Brown says he brought up concerns during the meeting about protesters in Fort Wayne not being educated about knowing how local government works, believing they may not realize that county council is, in his words, "strictly a fiscal body" and doesn't have jurisdiction over Fort Wayne Police.

Brown said during the meeting, which was live streamed and on our website:

"Should we make a statement, or should we keep our mouths shut?"

Larry Brown, District Four Council Member

Brown also said he was frustrated with letters from constituents threatening to vote current council members from office.

Brown then made the following comments:

"As uneducated as they are, obviously, on local government, they do vote. And, unfortunately, they also breed. But um, they do vote, and they're gonna be an uneducated voter."

Larry Brown, District Four Council Member

After that statement, the meeting quickly adjourned.

Thursday night, Jackson talked with Brown who said, "I offer my sincere apology. It was a mistake and inappropriate. It's out there, but I can't pull it back. I wish I could, but I can't."

Jackson also asked why he would say those comments during such sensitive times and if he's racist.

Brown said, "Absolutely not, at least in my opinion. I've been an employer for 45 years. Never, ever ever have I discriminated against anybody of any color or any sex or any religion. I've hired felons, I've hired females, I've hired Blacks, I've hired Hispanics. Everybody's given a fair opportunity. If they can do the job, then they're on board."

Brown went on to say he stands by his comment that protesters are uneducated about the role of government, wanting to make it clear to them that County Council is strictly a fiscal body, and again, has no jurisdiction over Fort Wayne police.

Jackson asked him if he has been asked to step down or would consider doing so, and he said the thought has crossed his mind to step down, but he does not plan to at this time.

Linda Jackson

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