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TenPoint Coalition in Fort Wayne has job opportunities

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Fort Wayne's NBC) -- Leaders with the Fort Wayne United Tenpoint Coalition say they need more boots on the ground to walk the streets of Fort Wayne and build relationships with residents in what they call high-risk communities.

They put the call out on the city website's job board.

Officials say they're looking for qualified individuals to fill 40 part-time positions.

These street team employees will walk with a team of 3 or more members on a nightly basis.

Their goal?

To build relationships with residents and encourage them not to resort to crime or violence.

Organizers say that's especially important now with the pandemic leaving so many people feeling isolated.

Leaders say they are looking for people who are striving to want to come out and, in their words, give themselves to the community.

Pay starts at 13 dollars an hour.

You can apply on the city of Fort Wayne's website.

Click here to connect and search "jobs."

Linda Jackson

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