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Hacked: Stranger speaks through baby monitor

(KING) A Seattle family is shaken after they say someone hacked into their video baby monitor and spoke to their child in the middle of the night.

Jo and John, who asked not to use their last names, said the incident happened Monday.

They were downstairs and heard their 3-year-old calling from upstairs.

“She said the ‘voice is talking to me,’” Jo recalled. “I said, ‘the voice is talking to you, what’s going on?’ And she said the man said, ‘Jayden, I love you.’ And I said, ‘what?'”

Jo was sure it was someone outside or a talking stuffed animal. But she said her daughter was sure the voice came from the camera.

They also noticed it had moved positions, from its usual angle down into the crib, up into the room.

“I instantly wanted to throw up, my heart was in my throat,” Jo said.

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