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Neighbors say nearby train noise rattles their homes and causes sleepless nights

FORT WAYNE, Ind.(Fort Wayne’s NBC)- Some Allen County neighbors say they are fed up with the noise coming from train tracks nearby.

The tracks are in southwest Allen County and run parallel to bass rd. Recently, an extra track was added that allows trains to park and idle nearby causing the problem with noise. Heather Martz, who lives nearby the tracks said it’s an inconvenience.

“It’s just a constant vibration on our house and especially when you’re upstairs you can hear it and there’s just no peace and quiet anymore.” Martz said.

Martz said when she built her house in 2012, she knew there would be train tracks near it, but she wasn’t expecting this much noise.

“Now they’ve added these extra tracks and now its just constantly trains sitting there, trains stopped on the other tracks you can’t get through.” Martz said.

She said the trains are a huge contributor to traffic in the area, saying she waited more than an hour because the train was blocking the road.

“I didn’t sign up to live in a train yard.” Martz said.

Martz is not the only neighbor dealing with the noise. She says one of her other neighbors feels the rattle of the train every time it comes by.

“Her windows are rattling, her sliding glass door is rattling, and she’s the closest house to the railroad tracks.” Martz said.

Another neighbor, Linda Duke, lives right across the street from Martz. She said the noises make it hard for daughter and her to get to sleep.

“So we would love to see a little more quietness over here.” Duke said.

Duke said her daughter and her have to listen to the radio to try to get to sleep at night.

“I usually shut my door and I have a monitor from her room to my room so I have to listen to a radio all night too.” Duke said.

She said she wasn’t aware there was a railroad track so close to the area when she built her house.

“Every time we came out to the lot apparently there were no trains going by right then so we didn’t realize it until after we moved in.” Duke said.

Now she said she deals with noises that startle both her and her daughter.

“A couple nights ago it sounded like the train fell off the track, I mean it made me jump and her jump and it was really loud.” Duke said.

For both Martz and Duke, they’re hoping there’s some way to they can get some peace and quiet.

“Is there anything we can do? Are they any options? Can we get together and talk to somebody as a group?” Martz said.

Arielle Cadet

Arielle Cadet joined WPTA in August 2019. The Atlanta, Georgia native graduated from the University of Missouri and serves as a Multimedia Journalist for WPTA. Feel free to connect with her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or shoot her an email at

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