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Focused on the Fork: Bistro Nota

When you step into South Calhoun’s Bistro Nota, prepare to be embraced with a welcoming air of sophistication meeting convenience.

Bistro Nota opened August, 2019 and already boasts a flair for versatility; combining familiar and tasty Midwestern cuisine with creative French cooking techniques.

“We wanted something that was fresh, surprising and easy to come in for lunch. Something that really fits in, you know one day of the week whatever, you can come in, you know we’d love if you come more, but you come in expect lunch and leave feeling like you came in for dinner, almost,” says Bistro Nota co-owner Cam Kaminski.

To explore much more of what Bistro Nota has to offer, click here.

Jack Keenan

Jack Keenan is a morning news anchor for Fort Wayne’s NBC Today.

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