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Man sentenced for role in shooting death of high school coach

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Fort Wayne’s NBC) —  A Fort Wayne man has been sentenced for his role in the shooting death of a North Side High School coach.

Fort Wayne’s NBC previously reported that Jaevin Eugene Bowie was facing charges in the murder of Terrance Miles, who was gunned down in the 900 block of Francis Street outside the East Central Towers on May 19, 2017.

In July of 2018, Bowie admitted to assisting a criminal. He told authorities Henry Underwood killed Miles. Bowie also pleaded guilty to attempted theft.

Bowie then testified in Underwood’s trial in early October, saying he saw Underwood fire shots at Miles. However, Underwood was found not guilty on all counts on Oct. 3 and was released from jail.

Bowie was sentenced to five years—four years for the charge of assisting a criminal and one year for attempted theft. He was also given 616 days of jail credit.

During Bowie’s testimonies in Underwood’s trial, he said he and Underwood were breaking into cars when Miles walked out of an apartment at East Central Towers.

Bowie said Underwood confronted the Forest Park Elementary School administrative assistant and assistant football coach, and that he overheard Miles state, “I don’t have any money.”

He said Underwood then shot the assistant football coach several times.

The jury apparently didn’t buy Bowie’s testimony and found Underwood not guilty of all charges, including murder.

For his role, Bowie was looking at a maximum of eight and a half years.

The fact he had no prior criminal history worked in his favor.

At the sentencing hearing, Jaevin Bowie apologized to Miles’ family.

He admitted he will never truly understand their pain, but he told the family, “I want to do better, I will do better.”

Bowie’s comments and his sentence only add frustration for Terrance Miles’ loved ones.

“How do we feel about the justice system? One guy gets five years, and the other guy gets off. It’s tough. I feel like my family has been victimized over and over again by the justice system,” said Darraill Williams, the victim’s brother.

Jazlynn Bebout

Jazlynn Bebout is the Assignment Desk Editor and Digital Editor at WPTA. Follow her on Twitter @jazlynnsb

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