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MILB president O’Conner sings praises of TinCaps, Parkview Field

Over 10 years ago, Parkview Field born a field more major than minor, and yet, Minor League Baseball president Pat O’Conner says the surrounding area and the park itself just keep getting better.

“It’s the epitome of what Minor League Baseball can do in a city,”  O’Conner said after the Midwest Fall League meetings in Fort Wayne.

“It’s really been a joy to come back and see it.”

Consistently recognized as one of, if not, the best ball-park in all of Minor League Baseball,  Parkview Field continues to make improvements.

“I can’t believe the ballpark is 10 years old,” O’Conner said.

“They’ve continued to invest in it to make it better with the 400 Club, all the little amenities, the development around it, it’s really been a joy.”

Fort Wayne hosted the Midwest Fall League meetings for the first time, allowing staffs around the league to take in the best the TinCaps have to offer.

Chris Ryan

Chris Ryan is the Sports Director for Fort Wayne’s NBC.

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