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Local farmer says start of harvest could be worse after a late plant

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Fort Wayne’s NBC) – Tractors and combines are entering the fields for harvest after a late start because of a rainy spring. A Huntington County farmer who started this year’s harvest Tuesday says that’s the latest he’s ever started harvesting, but after the wet spring delaying things, it could be worse.

Farmer, Ted Trout says, “Usually when we plant in the April, May time frame, that’s when we have the optimal growing season to produce the best yields. We just planted too late this year.”

This year, planting didn’t take place until June for Trout. With the rainy spring followed by good summer months for crop growing, he still had lowered yield expectations.

“What we’ve found so far is that our yields are better than we were expecting, but still off from last year’s highs about ten bushel, give or take some, but they’re still about ten bushel better than what we were expecting,” says Trout.

When looking at area farms, you’ll notice almost all the soybean fields look closer to harvest than the corn fields.

Trout says, “We’re probably still at least 2-3 weeks out on shelling any corn, and we will try to complete most, if not all of our bean harvest before we get into the corn.”

After chatting about the crops, Fort Wayne’s NBC Meteorologist Jon Wilson got in the combine with Trout to find out how things looked. He also found out how many farmers track their yields.

“You cannot tell the yield by looking at the crop,” says Trout. “It has to be measured either with scale tickets, or we have a computer here that’s giving us an instant yield as we go across the field, and then it will also give us an average then for the day or for the field.”

While soybean yields are lower, Trout expects corn yields to be even less compared to average and for soybeans ahead of corn in profitability. With the lower yields across the area, he still doesn’t expect higher prices for things like beef or pork products at the grocery store.

Jon Wilson

Jon Wilson is the Weekend Meteorologist at Fort Wayne’s NBC. You can catch Jon’s weekend forecasts on Fort Wayne’s NBC at 6 and 11 p.m.

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