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CHARGED: Misdemeanor filed in Sheriff Gladieux investigation

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Fort Wayne’s NBC) — After nearly two months, a misdemeanor charge has been filed at the conclusion of the investigation into the actions of the Allen County Sheriff.

Fort Wayne’s NBC previously reported that multiple sources told us the matter involved a physical confrontation with Sheriff David Gladieux and a teenage volunteer at the Three Rivers Festival on July 16.

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On Thursday, the case’s Special Prosecutor Rodney Cummings filed charges against Gladieux.

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Prosecutor Cummings said after a thorough review of evidence, he has determined Sheriff Gladieux will be charged with one count of battery as a class A misdemeanor. He said Gladieux allegedly “pushed a juvenile festival volunteer who fell and sustained a minor injury.”

According to Cummings, Sheriff Gladieux and his attorney have agreed to resolve the case through the Prosecutor’s Pretrial Deferral Program.

As a part of that agreement, Gladieux will pay a $334 fee and make a public apology. He will also complete an alcohol treatment program and anger management program. He will be under the supervision of the prosecutor’s deferral program for a year.

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Corinne Rose reported this story.

Jazlynn Bebout

Jazlynn Bebout is the Assignment Desk Editor and Digital Editor at WPTA. Follow her on Twitter @jazlynnsb

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