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Maurice the rooster wins court case

FRANCE (NBC) – Maurice the rooster won his case in court Thursday.

He and all of his other rooster friends can crow all they want, even though their neighbors who just moved to the country don’t like it.

The ruling by a French court may serve as a precedent that allows ducks to keep on quacking and church bells to ring too loud.

You may remember Corinne Fessau who takes care of Maurice and a brood of hens.

One of Corinne’s neighbors, who moved next to her from the city, complained that Maurice’s crowing woke them up.

They took Corinne to court claiming Maurice was a nuisance.

The suit presented a growing conflict between French rural and urban life.

Corinne has said people who move to the country must realize they have to adapt to country living, which includes all the sounds, smells and bugs.

Maurice won Thursday and Corinne says she’ll tell him that “he’s the greatest and he’s beautiful.”

There are similar suits in French courts claiming cows moo too loud, ducks quack too much and church bells ring too long.

But the suit claiming a rooster was a nuisance captured France.

A rooster is a symbol of France, appearing on the gates of the Elysee Presidential Palace.

The rooster is also the mascot of the French soccer team.

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