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Allen County jury finds former youth football coach guilty of rape

UPDATE: A sentencing is scheduled for Marvin J. Davis for Friday, September 27th at 10 A.M.


BREAKING:  Thursday night, an Allen County jury found Marvin J. Davis of Fort Wayne guilty of rape and sexual battery in an attack on a 16 year old girl.

Fort Wayne’s NBC reporter, Louie Tran, was in the courtroom for the verdict and will have the latest tonight at 11 on Fort Wayne’s NBC News.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Fort Wayne’s NBC) – An Allen County judge ordered a former youth football coach facing a rape allegation to be taken back into custody for the remainder of his jury trial Wednesday, and also kicked a juror off the bench.

Marvin J. Davis is facing rape and sexual battery charges for the alleged rape of one of his player’s sisters.

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Davis had been released on his own recognizance leading up to the trial, but after court adjourned Tuesday, prosecutors say he positioned himself near the jurors and the victim’s mother as they walked to the parking lot.

One juror ended up paying for Davis’ parking after the attendant didn’t have change for the $100 bill Davis tried to pay with.

On Wednesday, Judge Fran Gull questioned every single juror individually to find out what they witnessed in the parking garage.

The judge wanted to find out if that would bias their impartial decision-making ability.

They all said it wouldn’t, but the juror who paid for Davis’ parking was relieved and replaced with an alternate juror.

Prosecutors also described Davis’ behavior in court as agitated and animated, and they argued his actions made him a threat to the family of the victim.

The Judge ordered Davis to be taken back into custody for the remainder of his trial.

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Court documents said the 32-year-old coach, Marvin J. Davis, met one of his player’s sister in July 2018. The victim said she met Davis when he gave her mother and brother a ride to RediMed when her brother was injured in a football game.

Davis then asked her if she was interested in an assistant cheerleading coach position for the team and that he would pick her up the next morning to try out for it.

She said he picked her up the next day, July 19, around 9:30 a.m. and he said he needed to grab paperwork from his home.

She stated he asked her about her age and then told her she looked much older than that and that she couldn’t be coach at her age but continued to drive to his house.

The victim said she felt comfortable in the home because his children were there and he was her brother’s football coach. When they got inside, he asked her if she had ever been with a grown man before.

She said he then grabbed her by the back of her neck and forced her against the bedroom door and proceeded to rape her. She said she tried to scream, but he covered her mouth with his hand.

After the incident, she recovered the condom used by Davis and was able to escape the home by telling him that her friend needed help. Davis then took her to her friend’s home. She then went to the hospital and was taken to the Sexual Assault Treatment Center.

Davis served as a volunteer football coach for Metro in 2016 and ’17, but did not complete his background check and other paperwork in time to be a coach this season.

In an interview with police, Davis claimed that the sex was consensual.

At the time, Davis said to the officer, “do y’all have any type of classes or anything, I am not admitting guilt to nothing but I understand I have had issues. Younger girls come onto me all of the time. Normally I pull away. I pull away, I pull away and don’t act on it but I do want to get help with it.”

Kayla Crandall

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