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Focused on the Fork: Adam’s five favorite restaurants in the Fort

As he prepares to leave Fort Wayne’s NBC, Morning Anchor Adam Shear wanted to provide viewers with an expanded look at some of his favorite “Focused on the Fork” restaurants.

Here’s part of the script from Adam’s look back at his five favorite stops:

“There’s no doubt, Fort Wayne is home to some amazing pizza places and we’ve had a few great ones along the way, but my favorite was Amore’s. Finding delicious Chicago-style deep dish isn’t easy, but the folks at Amore’s off Dupont Rd. make you feel like you’re in the Windy City in the Summit City.

When it comes to international cuisine, three places stood out among the rest.

For Asian food, I love the menu at Ryu’s Kitchen on Hobson. Joohyun Riddle makes everything from scratch at Ryu’s and it’s all delicious.

If you’re in the mood for some finer fair, Proximo is the place to be in my opinion. Located right in the heart of the downtown, Proximo has one of the best layout’s of any restaurant in town and their “Duo of Duck” will make your heart melt.

If you want something that’s a little cheaper, that still brings it’s A-game when it comes to flavor, you have to try Pepper & Spice in Waynedale. Not only does Emillio grill up some of the best jerk chicken on the planet, his Jamaican restaurant has some amazing oxtail as well.

Finally, who doesn’t like something sweet. Tony and Marina Horani somehow figured out a way to make true Belgium style waffles in the Fort off of Jefferson Blvd. at their restaurant United Coffee. As good as their waffles are, their coffee will also leave you wanting a second cup.”

Even though Adam is leaving, Focused on the Fork will continue to air every Tuesday morning on Fort Wayne’s NBC Today. You can catch Julian and Yasser’s segments both on-air and online.

Adam Shear

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