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Two-A-Days: Experience and Tradition leads Panthers into New Season

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (FORT WAYNE’S NBC) – The tradition of football at Snider High School continues this year, as the program celebrates it’s 55th season.

Former coaches and players, who invest in the Panthers on Friday nights, carry on the tradition and love for football.

“Having the coaches from 1976, 1971, Coach Bush, Coach Ike, those kind of guys around us really gives us wisdom and their understanding,” Snider quarterback, Jon Barnes said.

Barnes returns as the game manager of the offense, for his second straight year.

Also coming back for his second year is running back, Lenny Bennett.

So not only will the offense have weapons back after a 9-3 season, the defensive has their anchor, Jayshawn Underwood.

“The foundation is great. All the seniors have the same goal, same mindset. We work hard in practice and push each other all the time,” Underwood said.

“This year is going to be a lot different than last year. We have a lot of returning starters,” Barnes said. “This team has a lot more chemistry and a lot tighter bond. I feel like we can go a lot farther than we did go last year.”

Their chemistry is strong, but as Head Coach, Kurt Tippmann explains there’s still work to be done before a single touchdown is scored.

“We have a lot of guys that are capable of playing in all those positions on offense, defense and special teams,” Tippmann said. “It’s a good start. It doesn’t get us a first down or make a tackle, but it’s a good place to begin with.”

Snider begins the season on August 23rd at North Side.


Megan Salle

Megan Salle is the Sports Reporter and Weekend Sports Anchor for Fort Wayne’s NBC.

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