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The Man. The Myth. The Mullet: Fort Wayne man’s haircut creates internet buzz

Patrick Kopacz always finds a way to be the life of the party; even at the parties he doesn’t show up to.

“It’s hard to explain,” said one of Patrick’s friends.

Patrick, who’s known around the Summit City as “The Fort Wayne Mullet Man” or “The Silver Fox”, has been a major part of the Fort Wayne bar scene for the last four decades.

“I first saw him years and years ago and it was kinda the running joke like ‘there’s the mullet man, there’s the mullet man’, but now he’s like the mullet man,” said a follower of the Mullet Man Facebook group.

Patrick’s popularity has grown even bigger in the Facebook-era. Despite not having a personal Facebook profile, there’s a group devoted to Patrick with nearly 6000 followers, who are always on the lookout for the elusive silver fox.

“You’ll be out with your friends at the bar and out of the shadows this man appears, ‘the silver fox’, it’s an incredible feeling,” said a fan of Patrick’s. “It’s like a myth almost.”

Fort Wayne’s fascination with Patrick was so intriguing to the guys at Gunslinger Productions, they decided the Silver Fox had a story worth telling on the silver screen.

“We really wanted to figure out who he was,” said Ryne Hastings of Gunslinger Productions. “But in order to do that the most effectively we had to figure out what the main theme was going to be and how we were going to establish this guy as a modern day folk hero.”

The local production company spent the last year pouring themselves into the movie they named “American Mullet”.

“He’s not afraid to rock that hair style, his belly shirt, his cut-off jean shorts, and his Coors Light, because that’s just who he is and it’s who he wants to be,” said Mike Corleone of Gunslinger Productions.

Two months after skipping out on his beer release party at Hop River Brewing Company, some people were worried Patrick wouldn’t even show up to the movie made in his honor.

Unfortunately, when the premier started at the Three Rivers Festival, Patrick was no where to be found, but that didn’t stop people from sticking around to watch his life story unfold.

The audience learned of Patrick’s background which included a move from France to the United States and a career at General Electric people they closed down in in downtown Fort Wayne.

By the time the show wrapped up, viewers found out this is a man who’s embraced life’s adventures.

“He dresses his own way and he does his hair his own way,” said one person who attended the movie. “That’s refreshing to a lot of people.”

Patrick’s family says that’s exactly what people should take from his story.

So next time you see the so called “Silver Fox” in public don’t be afraid to say hi, talk to him a little bit, maybe snap a picture with him and of course finish the conversation with a nice cheers.

Adam Shear

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