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Former Indiana Tech pitcher, Derek Morgan, helps cousin, Pete Alonso, win Home Run Derby

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (FORT WAYNE’S NBC) – On Opening Day, former Indiana Tech pitcher, Derek Morgan went out to dinner with his cousin, New York Mets first baseman, Pete Alonso.

Alonso put his hand on Morgan’s shoulder, hinting that he may need his arm in July.

Later in the year, Alonso calls Morgan and says, “It’s on, we are in the Derby.”

“I didn’t know what to say or how to feel, it was just crazy,” Morgan said.

On Monday, the Morgan and Alonso fell into a routine at Progressive Field.

Morgan hit his way through the opening rounds to reach the final against Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

The Blue Jays slugger hit 22 home runs in the finals.

Morgan went back to work on the mound, and with 19 seconds remaining on the clock, Alonso smashed the winning home run.

“I kept telling myself we need one more. Then it was one after another, and then it came down to we need one more to win this. I tried to do my best to throw it to his spot. When he hit and threw his hands up, I knew that was it. I threw the ball up. After that it honestly became a blur, it was just so exciting, a dream come true,” Morgan said.

Morgan returned to Ohio after Indiana Tech and helps coach baseball at Woodridge High School.

Megan Salle

Megan Salle is the Sports Reporter and Weekend Sports Anchor for Fort Wayne’s NBC.

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