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Sports Reporter Megan Salle Tries Goalball

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (FORT WAYNE’S NBC) – The International Goalball Qualifier wraps up Tuesday in the Fort, as the USA women’s team takes on China for the gold medal.

Before the event comes to a close, Fort Wayne’s NBC sports reporter, Megan Salle, jumps into the action.

Two alternates for the USA men’s team, Daryl Walker and Cody Carmicle, coach the media teams.

They teach the new players how to throw the ball, block it and communicate, while wearing blinders and not being able to see.

After the experience, Megan says, “It was fun, but challenging. I have a lot of respect for the United States Association of Blind Athletes.”

For results of the goalball and judo tournaments, go to 

The USA women’s team plays China at 2 p.m. at Turnstone on Tuesday for the gold. To learn more about the team, watch how two players built a strong friendship, while traveling the world and rocking the red, white and blue.

Megan Salle

Megan Salle is the Sports Reporter and Weekend Sports Anchor for Fort Wayne’s NBC.

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