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Congressman Banks catches ‘flak’ for Medicare For All stance at town hall meeting

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Fort Wayne’s NBC)  – There are some perks for those who serve on Capitol Hill, but there are also times when they catch heat from folks who don’t see eye to eye with them on key issues.

Congressman Jim Banks stood face to face with about 50 constituents Friday on the Indiana Tech campus, including some friendly to the Republican, and others who gave him grief.

One man in the audience shared his frustration about talk of canceling a debt owed by millions of Americans.

“I guess I’d like to hear you share your thoughts on whether student loans should be forgiven or not,” said Steve McMichael, who is running as a Republican for mayor of New Haven on the November ballot.

Banks says no to forgiving the loans, favoring instead a plain language disclosure form, helping loan applicants better understand what’s expected from them, to create what he called “transparency in the student loan process.”

The mood in the room got more heated when Banks explained why he thinks the concept of Medicare For All would be a mistake for America.

“Republicans have advocated for a system to drive down health care costs,” Banks told the crowd.

“Several people yelled at Banks, including one woman who said, “You do not understand it. You do not understand Medicare for All.”

“Medicare For All, which I subject to you is Medicare for none, because it would thoroughly devastate the health care marketplace even more than what Obamacare has,” Banks said.

“When everybody is healthy our country is healthy. And I think we need to adopt that kind of philosophy, His partisan…his partisan approach to every, every issue is what is wrong with our country,” said Vicky Lomont, who attended the meeting.

Banks’ staffers say this event was the sixth town hall meeting the congressman hosted in the 3rd District so far in 2019, including the second one in Allen County.



Jeff Neumeyer

Jeff Neumeyer is a reporter for WPTA.

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