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Couple seeks tougher charges against father in abuse case

PAULDING COUNTY, OH (Fort Wayne’s NBC) – The father of a 4-month-old baby is out of jail after his now ex-girlfriend and her daughter say he smacked the infant.

Only on Fort Wayne’s NBC, reporter Kaitlyn Kendall, has the audio recording that offers insight into what happened, and spoke with that baby’s family.

30-year-old Rodney Miller II is the Payne Ohio Police Chief’s son.

His alleged misconduct was captured by a nanny cam. Baby Saylor’s mother and his step-dad say more needs to be done.

A group of people picketed outside the courthouse after police charged Miller II with two misdemeanors.

Count one, domestic violence and count two, endangering children.

The child he allegedly “endangered,” was 4-month-old Saylor.

Nanny cam footage, provided by the family, is mentioned in court documents.

The documents say Tina Baughman, Miller II’s now ex-girlfriend, viewed the video and heard a loud slap. At which time Saylor began to wail.

You can then hear Baughman’s 11-year-old daughter begin to cry and scream at Miller II, calling out his name. To which he replies “what?”

The 11-year-old says, “You do not smack a baby like that.” She is then heard yelling. “I’m not go to my room when you smack a baby like that, that is not what you do to a baby.”

Court documents note that Baughman told police her daughter stated that Miller II slapped Saylor on the left side of his face with the palm of his right hand opened, and she demonstrated how.

Saylor’s step-dad Rodney Osbun said, “It’s sickening I couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to put their hands on a baby like that.”

Osbun and Saylor’s mother Shauna Osbun say they couldn’t believe it when Baughman told them Miller II had been arrested. “It was heartbreaking. I have never felt that kind of anger, and pain and sadness all at one time,” said R. Osbun.

Watching the video is hard for the Osbun’s who say they have to now fight for a little boy too small to fight for himself. “That’s the worst fear of any good parent, they don’t want to see their kids get hurt. We just cried together and knew we were going to take care of it and weren’t going to let Saylor go back,” said R. Osbun.

Saylor’s mother and step-father’s concern is that Miller II’s father is the Chief of police in the village of Payne. Making them think his charges are less than they should be.

“You read in the paper a husband beats a wife in front of children and the guy gets felony charges and goes to prison, which is good. We believe that’s right. This guy hit’s a baby in the face and gets away with misdemeanor charges,” said R. Osbun.

Miller was released Monday on his own recognizance, the protest outside of the courthouse was held in the evening.

Several attempts to reach Chief Miller, late in the day, were unsuccessful.

We did leave a voice message and sent an email requesting a response.

We also reached out to the Prosecutor and Rodney Miller II, but have not heard back yet.

We will be sure to let you know when they respond.

Kaitlyn Kendall

Kaitlyn Kendall anchors ABC21 news at 5 and is the chief investigative reporter for the stations Digging Deeper team.

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