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Sunny and warmer

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (FORT WAYNE’S NBC) ▬ High pressure is in command today bringing in the sunny skies, temps warm up to 67°F this afternoon with winds remaining light.

Tonight skies remain clear to mostly clear with the last of the 40s for lows in the forecast ahead.

Wednesday, starts sunny, but ends with mostly cloudy skies. The increased cloud cover does not stop our temps from climbing even higher than Tuesday’s high with 69°F.

Thursday, will be pleasant and an even warmer than the previous day with 75°F and partly cloudy skies. We are tracking the potential for thunderstorms Thursday night.

Friday will be the warmest day of 2019 so far with 78°F and mostly cloudy skies.

We get even warmer Saturday with a high of 80°F and mostly sunny skies. Enjoy!

Tracking our next best shot of rain on Sunday with thunderstorms possible and a mild high of 79°F.

Yasser Kishk

Meteorologist Yasser Kishk joined Fort Wayne’s NBC in October 2016.

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