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Service dog missing; woman pleads for its return

KENDALLVILLE, Ind. (Fort Wayne’s NBC) — In Kendallville, a woman is desperate to find her service dog that disappeared Sunday.

The highly-trained dog is more than a pet, it’s a necessity the woman says she needs to function every day.

“Please just give him back, no questions asked,” Kimberly Layton says.

Layton has had her service dog Blizzard since he was six weeks old.

For years, she wasn’t able to leave her home.

“My ex stalked me and stabbed me 57 times a few years back,” she says.

She says having the specially trained Blizzard by her side allows her to lead a slightly more normal life.

“I unlock the door, he searches the house. If it’s dark, he’ll flip my lights on for me,” Layton explains.

The Siberian Husky goes everywhere with her, and can sense even before Kimberly can when she’s about to have an anxiety attack.

“I have night terrors, and when I start to night terror he’ll jump up on my bed and he’ll lay on me and lick my face until I wake up,” she says.

But Sunday evening during a trip outside to go to the bathroom, Blizzard spooked after hearing a loud bang and slipped out of his collar.

He hasn’t been seen since.

“Yesterday we passed out over 400 flyers within a five mile radius, going to do the same thing again later. I went door to door in rural areas, searched the train tracks, we’ve driven all over, miles and miles,” she says.

Kimberly and her family have pursued leads across northeast Indiana, reported him as missing at all the local sheriff’s departments and animal shelters, and have posted Blizzard’s photo all over social media.

She thinks someone must have him, but because he wasn’t wearing a collar and had been scheduled to be microchipped later this week, so they might not know where he belongs.

It should be obvious that he’s trained and is not a stray.

“Please return him. No questions asked, you can come visit him if you’ve grown attached because he’s that easy to grow attached to. You can come visit him, I have no problem with that. Just please return him, please. I beg you,” she says.

If you have seen Blizzard or know where he is, call (260) 319-0449.

Corinne Rose

Corinne Rose is a reporter for WPTA.

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