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Colorado STEM school shooting: At least 8 injured, 2 in custody


At least eight people were injured and two suspected student shooters were in custody after a shooting was reported at a Colorado STEM school on Tuesday, officials said.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office said it responded to the STEM School Highlands Ranch just before 2 p.m. when a school administrator called dispatch to report shots fired.

“Two individuals walked in to the STEM school, got deep inside the school and engaged students in two separate locations,” Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock said. He added that one suspect was a juvenile male and the other was an adult male.

Spurlock said that several of the people who were injured are in critical condition and some were in surgery. At least three of the injured have since been released from an area hospital Tuesday evening.

The shooting occurred in the middle school and officers heard shots as they were entering the school, officials said earlier in the day.

“The only thing that we know of right now from one interview is that we have a handgun. Other than that I cannot tell you of other weapons,” said Spurlock.

Authorities have secured a suspect’s vehicle and are seeking warrants to search the car as well as well as the suspects’ homes.

Multiple agencies, including the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, responded to the scene to assist.

Students at the public charter school for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics were being evacuated.

STEM School Highlands Ranch has 1,850 students — 550 elementary age students, 700 in middle school and 600 high school students, according to the district.

Rocco DeChalk, who lives blocks from the school, heard a stampede of students running past his house.

“I saw all of them running, so I thought it was a gym class at first,” he told NBC News. “But then I saw there were so many of them.”

After going outside, he saw a teenage boy shot in the back and sitting by a mailbox two doors down. The boy was with a teacher and a friend, who had been applying pressure to a bullet wound.

They called 911 and the dispatcher told them to take cover, so they helped the young victim into DeChalk’s kitchen. The man eventually flagged a passing policeman who then caught the attention of an ambulance, which rushed the youngster away.

All the time, the boy remained conscious.

“He made a comment, `Oh, I’m starting to feel it now,’ “ DeChalk said referring to the pain. “I told him that was probably the adrenaline kicking in and he was going into shock.”

Nyki Giasolli said her daughter, Kamananui, was in the classroom when a shooting happened. Giasolli said she was told by her daughter that people came in shooting.

“She said that two of her classmates took the shooters down, and she was able to escape,” the Giasolli told KUSA. “She just said there were people shot; that’s all I know.”

Her daughter, who is a senior, and her son, Kupono, a freshman, are both safe.

“She called me, and she was hysterical and she told me that there had been a shooting,” Giasolli said.

Giasolliehe said her daughter said the shooters were students.

“We chose a small school because we thought they’d be safer, because we thought that everybody would know everybody,” she said.

Another parent told KUSA that her son was apparently in a room next to where the shooting occurred and was safe with a teacher. That teacher called her to let her know her son was OK.

She said that the school has been sending automated voice messages and was told there was a lock down.

The campus is just eight miles southeast of Columbine High School in Littleton, site of the April 20, 1999, mass shooting in which two gunmen murdered 12 fellow students and a teacher before killing themselves.

The shooting comes just weeks after a Florida woman, Sol Pais, sparked a security scare that shut down area schools after authorities said she appeared to have an “infatuation” with the Columbine shooting and had purchased a shotgun in the area.

Pais, 18, was found dead on April 17, two days after she flew to the area, of an apparent suicide, authorities said.

Before this incident, two people had been killed and six injured in three school shootings in 2019, according to NBC News research.

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