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Teen loses finger in mowing accident, Fort Wayne firefighters finish the job

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Fort Wayne’s NBC) – A Fort Wayne teen had a lawnmower mishap over the weekend, but luckily help was just minutes away.

Not only did the firefighters rush to help, but they also stayed around after too.

Kirubel Ayalew, a high school junior, reached down to get grass out of the mower when his fingers got mangled in the blades.

Luckily, the teen lives across the street from a fire station, and first responders were able to help get the bleeding under control.

Once the teenager was taken to the hospital, the firefighters from Station 15 stayed behind to finish up the yard work.

“I can’t say thank you enough. They said we didn’t do it for a thank you. We did it because the lawn needed done,” Kirubel’s mom Tina Menkir said.

Kaitlyn Kendall

Kaitlyn Kendall anchors ABC21 news at 5 and is the chief investigative reporter for the stations Digging Deeper team.

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