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Fort Wayne center helps men transition back into daily lives while treating addiction, mental health issues

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Fort Wayne’s NBC) – A Fort Wayne housing center is helping men transition back into their normal daily lives as they battle addiction and mental health issues.

The Inspiration House was created in 2016.

The people who run the center said the house is the only housing center in Fort Wayne that helps people transition back into their daily lives while helping them battle substance addiction and mental health issues.

“I always say negativity is contagious so if you’re around it, you will catch it so our guys work hard to create a positive environment,” Tei Ferguson, an Inspiration House founder said.

Alan Baysinger, an Inspiration House resident, said he has been battling substance addiction for several years.

“My grandmother is blind, but yet she could still see that I was on drugs,” Baysinger said.

Baysinger said his life began to slip away as he lost everything, including his family.

“It makes me feel just terrible,” Baysinger said. “I mean I let everyone down in my life.”

He said everything changed when he found the Inspiration House.

Baysinger is six-weeks into the program and he said he is now clean.

A past graduate of the program said the center is a safe environment and helps men get back on their feet and back to their families.

“I was a man-child, so I became a grown man after I left Inspiration House,” Torin Matthews, a graduate from the Inspiration House program said. “I became the man I wanted to be.”

Baysinger said he agrees with Matthews. He said he has a family at the center, but has an important message for his family at home.

“I love you and I want to be the rock you need me to be,” Baysinger said.

The center currently serves fourteen men who live in the house.

If you would like to learn more about the center’s services, please click here.

Louie Tran

Louie Tran is the weekend anchor for Fort Wayne’s NBC at 6 and 11pm and a weekday general assignment reporter. To share story ideas, please email him at

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