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Meet the Candidate: Gina Burgess (D)

Gina M. Burgess is the first female Democratic candidate for Mayor. She is a business developer who specializes in helping small businesses that have failed or who have failed to launch get restarted. In that capacity, she wears many hats as she juggles multiple business ventures, each with its own unique needs and goals. Previously, she was the CEO of a company recognized by Inc. Magazine. Prior to that, she was a paralegal who worked in a downtown law firm. She still freelances as a paralegal in many of her projects. As part of her business experience, she has worked with many different government departments, including the Indiana Secretary of State, Indiana Department of Revenue, Indiana Department of Tourism, Indiana Department of Health, Indiana Women’s Commission, United States Environmental Protection Agency (District 5), and more.

When Gina isn’t helping businesses create jobs, she engages in a variety of community service projects. These projects include creating revenue streams, procuring donations, coordinating fundraisers for non-profits and advocating for the rights of those who can’t advocate for themselves. Favorite causes include Veterans rights, Disabled rights, Homeless rights, LGBT rights, Women’s rights and Voter rights. She has a Business Management degree from Trine and a Paralegal degree from Ivy Tech. She is a member of the Anthony Wayne Lions Club and the National Association of Female Executives (NAFE). Previously, she was a member of the Indiana State Bar Association (ISBA).

Gina has been married to her husband, Dave, for 24 years. They have no surviving children. When not developing businesses or advocating for the public, you can find Gina swimming, doing girlie things like painting her toenails some new shade of pink, or wandering off to play the part of Wonder Woman (when she’s not playing the part of Super Girl or Captain Marvel).

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