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Officials confirm: plane slid off runway at Fort Wayne International Airport

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Fort Wayne’s NBC) — Officials at Fort Wayne International Airport confirm with Fort Wayne’s NBC News that a plane slid off a runway Tuesday night before takeoff.

Passengers leaving Delta flight after it slid off runway into a snowbank. Courtesy: Greg Adamonis
Officials confirm that a plane carrying 51 people slid off a runway at FWA into a snow back. Officials say nobody was injured.

Officials say conditions appeared to be good for the plane to take off, but they say ice formed on painted areas on the runway which cased the plane to slide into a snow bank off of the runway.

Officials tell Fort Wayne’s NBC News that Delta flight DL3526 to Atlanta was carrying 51 people when the slide-off happened.  They tell us nobody was hurt during the incident.


Passengers took pictures from inside of plane after it slid off of runway before takeoff. Courtesy: Greg Adamonis

Officials also tell us they are delaying operations at the airport until they can get everyone off the plane.  They expect the delay to last around a half hour.

Tonight, SkyWest Airlines who operates Delta flights at FWA sent Fort Wayne’s NBC a statement on tonight’s incident.  They have a different understanding of what happened from FWA officials and say: “SkyWest flight 3526, operating as Delta Connection from Fort Wayne, Indiana to Atlanta encountered ice on slow taxi for departure and came to a stop in a snow bank on the taxiway. Passengers deplaned through the main cabin door and were safely transported to the terminal via bus. We are working to help our customers resume their travels to Atlanta as quickly as possible.”


Donovan Klein

Executive Producer, Fort Wayne’s NBC

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