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Official GoFundMe links that support families in bus stop tragedy

ROCHESTER, Ind. (Fort Wayne’s NBC) – Twin 6-year-old boys, Mason and Xzavier Ingle and their 9-year-old sister Alivia Stahl were struck and killed Tuesday Morning while crossing the street to get on the bus.

The siblings and an unrelated 11-year-old boy were struck about 7 a.m. Tuesday as they were crossing a two-lane road near Rochester

Alyssa Shepherd, 24, faces three counts of reckless homicide and one count of passing a school bus with its safety arm extended and causing injury.

Lots of folks have reached out to Fort Wayne’s NBC asking how they can help.

There are two official donation accounts on GoFundMe, according to a spokesperson from the fundraising site.

This link is a campaign for the family of the three children killed. So far, the page has fundraised more than $41,000 for the family.

This link is the account that will go to the family of the 11-year-old that was hit and critically hurt. The creator of this account says the money will be used for medical bills and relief.

This fundraiser has raised more than $15,000.

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Kayla Crandall

Kayla Crandall is an Emmy award-winning journalist. She serves as the Social Media and Digital Content Manager at WPTA. Follow her on Twitter @KaylerJayne.

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