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Cooler and wet

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Fort Wayne’s NBC) — Rain and mild temps great our Halloween morning. A cold front will be moving on in during the morning allowing our temps to slip from the mid 60s to the 50s. Rain will begin to wrap during and shortly after lunch today. It will be dry, but cloudy for the trick or treat hours in Fort Wayne with temps into the mid to low 50s.

Tonight we get down to a low of 42 with cloudy skies. Light rain will develop early Thursday morning and remain with us pretty much all day long. We could see up to 1″ of rain. Temps will also be held down into the 40s for highs due to the wet and cloudy conditions.

Still tracking more rain Friday morning with a high of 48°F by the afternoon. Friday night is looking dry with a low of 38°F.

Looking ahead the weekend is mostly dry with some rain possible by Sunday night. Temps will also be warmer into the mid 50s with 60°F possibly returning by Tuesday of next week. Rain chances also return by Monday.

Yasser Kishk

Meteorologist Yasser Kishk joined Fort Wayne’s NBC in October 2016.

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