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Coney Island turns 104!

Fort Wayne’s Famous Coney Island is celebrating a big birthday Thursday. 

The local favorite turns 104-years-old, that makes it the oldest wiener stand in the country. 

The exterior of the building has barely changed over the years and serves  between 1,500 and 2,000 hot dogs in a day, and over 1 million hot dogs in a year. Employees still hand chop 75 pounds of onions each day , and they still serve Coke in the small glass bottles. And let’s not forget the fact that their buns are still famously steamed.

Morning anchor Julian Teekaram sat down with co-owner Jimmy Todoran who says it’s exciting, but also a lot of responsibility to hold the title of oldest in the nation. 

Take a listen to their interview, where Todoran discusses the secret to Coney Island’s success. 


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