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Developers propose road through middle of Jefferson Pointe

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Fort Wayne’s NBC) – Getting around Jefferson Pointe might be a lot easier next year.  

RED Development out of Kansas is proposing a roundabout to run through the middle of the shopping center.

Right now, the mall is only accessible on foot. 

If the proposal is approved, shoppers would be able to reach their favorite boutiques by car from West Jefferson Boulevard and Illinois Road. 

Developers say visitors prefer lifestyle centers with vehicular access. They say the road will make a "more vibrant downtown feel and will help with the enhancement of the property." 

The fountain that sits in the middle of the shopping center will stay put, developers tell Fort Wayne’s NBC. 

"It’s an important focal point and it also is a place for the holiday tree and other fun things. The road will be attractive and similar to many other projects we’ve done like it in our portfolio. It will only improve access, circulation and visibility for all the customers and tenants," Jeff McMahon of RED Development said in an email. 

As for events that center around that fountain, developers expect the road can be closed down to accommodate them. 

"The road will be able to be closed off for special events and it could give us more room than we have today to accommodate more people. We love having the special events," McMahon said. 

"The special events are important to show off the courtyard and to draw customers into the center. We don’t anticipate any changes to our special event schedule."

The proposal is set to be introduced to the Fort Wayne Plan Commission on Oct. 8. 

Early estimates for the cost of the project sit around $2 million, and construction could start in early 2019. 

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