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Chris Ryan

Chris Ryan is an Emmy-Award winning Sports Anchor with more than five years of professional on-air experience.

Chris graduated from Michigan State University's J-School with an emphasis in Sports Reporting. Chris is a former sports dept. intern for WXYZ of Detroit and writer for

Chris was granted the opportunity to start off with a Lansing, Mich., area station, HOMTV, reporting on local high school sports and Michigan State athletics. Teamed with a new colleague, he began co-hosting All Access Sports, a Philo-award winning, weekly sports show.

Countless stories, interviews and deadlines, mixed in with more laughing and fun than he could have ever imagined, Chris spent some sweet sweat into this profession in exchange for a sense of belonging and happiness.

Watching the Detroit Lions beat the Dallas Cowboys in the 1992 playoffs continues to be the highlight of Chris' life. Granted, he was only four months old, but the story goes he did not cry once that day. When Chris turned three, his dad would videotape him talking about the Lions for hours on end. The obsession expanded from there.

Football, baseball, basketball and hockey, Chris can't live without the big four, but why stop there? He has covered all sorts of sports from water polo to rugby, and would love to cover your next badminton tournament, or at least cheer in the background. 

People are why Chris picked this profession.  He is enamored with this job's ability to facilitate constant meetings with new ones out in the field.

Chris started working for Fort Wayne's NBC in November of 2016.

Feel free to send him an email at

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