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Family member of shooting victim urges witnesses to come forward

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Fort Wayne’s NBC) — "This stop snitching stuff is played out," says Quinchaun Lamb.  "Someone lost their life in a parking lot. We want answers."

The same sentiment spoken over and over by police, is echoed Tuesday evening by Lamb, Michael Carter’s cousin. Carter, a 40-year-old Fort Wayne man, was shot and killed Sunday morning outside of the American Legion on East Lewis St.

"If that was your family member lying in a pool of blood, you would want them to do the right thing," he says. 

A chaotic scene unfolded that night. Police say, there was a late night party at the American Legion. As many as 10 people from two different groups started fighting. Dozens were seen close by as shots rang out. Yet, police say, no witnesses have shared any information with authorities. 

While police are looking for suspects, Carter’s family is in mourning.

"He loved his kids, he was a great man, husband father figure and friend," says Lamb. "He was a great man overall who left a great legacy behind."

Moving forward, Lamb says he wants the senseless violence to end in Fort Wayne, but above all, he hopes his cousin is able to get the justice he deserves.

"We want the people who are responsible brought to justice, swiftly yet safely," he says. "Because one life lost is already too many lives lost." 


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