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Tips for keeping your air conditioner working well

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Fort Wayne’s NBC) — Keeping your cool will be a major priority through the week-end.

Dealing with the heat is not only an outdoor problem

In a heat wave like this, most of us run for the cover of indoors.

But if you don’t have a reliable cooling system, you may not be able to find relief, even out of the direct sunlight.

Home Comfort Experts is in the business of keeping your air conditioning system running smoothly.

Gary Will says during another hot spell earlier in the season, the area company received about a thousand calls in one week-end for service repairs.

"When we get into these type of situations, they run non-stop," Will said.

He says some simple maintenance on your air conditioner, cleaning away dirt with a garden hose, can help keep the repairman away.

"You turn your unit off, if you spray from the top down, and blow that stuff down off of that coil that’s outside to get that off there, that’ll help your air conditioner work a lot easier," Will said.

Of course, none of that matters if you don’t have an air conditioner in the first place.

Stucky Brothers appliances says when the temperatures go up, the demand goes up for cooling units.

The store sells about 200 units per year.

Tammy Snook says Stucky Brothers traditionally places its big air conditioner orders in November. 

"And a lot of times once they were gone, they were gone, but I think the manufacturers have loosened up a little bit and heard us all crying, that we need to help our customers during the hot season," Snook said.

On Thursday, we found Nadia Taylor sitting on her porch, because with no air conditioner, it was too hot to stay indoors.

She slept with her door open to get some air flow.

A couple of viewers, touched by our story, donated air conditioner units.

They wanted to stay anonymous, so we took Nadia by surprise, and delivered one of them to her door.

"Oh man, this is fantastic, thank you," she said.

Tonight I think I will be just fine, and God bless whoever helps me, God bless you guys too," Taylor said.

Gary Will from Home Comfort Experts, strongly suggests you have yearly maintenance done on your air conditioning unit, so you don’t have a break down when you can least afford one.


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