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ICE Rally in the Fort

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Fort Wayne’s NBC) — Immigration is a story we’ve been following closely.

Dozens of people in the Fort held a rally against ICE outside the Allen County courthouse.

They said they’re demanding change.

About 150 people showed up listened to speakers and encouraged support from drivers passing by.

Our team was at the rally and got more on the protesters’ messages.

The rally was led by the Latino Democrats of Allen County.

We spoke with several people at that rally who tell us they were there to stand up for what they believe is right.

There were a variety of people there form kids, to grandparents, and even a few pets with signs displayed with words on immigration and what has been happening at the border.

"What you are doing here today is so important," Jim Harper a spokesman at the rally said to the crowd.

He feels that coming together as a community is important, by saying, "We have kids who are at risk..and our leaders haven’t shown up and haven’t spoken out."

Pablo Hurtado the President of Latino Democrats of Allen County attended for the same reason.

He said America needs to change, "There’s people here, fighting to implement change, our voices matter, and if we get out and do this we can implement change."

Hurtado said he wants to see several changes, like getting rid of the chaos at the border where migrant children were separated from their parents, and allowing immigrants who want to come to this country and live in it legally to do so.

He said, this rally gives him hope, "It reminds me of the Country that America wants to be."

The rally also served as an opportunity for others to voice their hopes and concerns.

One rally attendee said, "People are unhappy, people are unhappy of the way government is going," another saying, "I just came out here to show solidarity to all the people," and continued by saying,"We need our immigrant neighbors they are part of America with us."

Part of America that attendees want to stand together as one.

"I am hoping more people are stirred to action i hope people stop sitting on the sidelines hoping things will blow through or someone will take care of it, i hope people actually get up and go," said a rally attendee. 

Lawmakers on the hill right now are struggling to pass new immigration legislation, when there is another vote we will let you know and will continue to follow the story.


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