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Local Dairy Farmer Provides Milk for the Indy 500

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Fort Wayne’s NBC) –  Just off the beaten bath.

Everyone at Kuehnert farms is hard at work.

“Dairy farming is 365 days a year.”

Andrew Kuehnert a fifth generation dairy farmer is packing his bags, milk in hand, and heading to Indianapolis.

“I truly know that this is a once and a lifetime opportunity for me. I got chosen to be the rookie milk man for the Indy 500 this year,” says Kuehnert.

That’s right, Kuehnert will provide milk to the team owner and crew chief, part of a tradition nearly 80 years old.

“Ever since they started having dairy farmers give the milk at the Indianapolis 500 giving that milk away I thought, man that would be cool.”

A cool tradition of refreshing, ice cold milk.

“Me and the milk person form last year we get to carry around the milk and we guard it lock and key.”

Behind that milk, a hard working dairy farmer who has a few helping hands.

“We work here every day as a family and I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without the family atmosphere that we have.”

Kuehnert says family doesn’t just include humans, the cows all 650 of them are too, and they’re treated like royalty.

“We formulate their diet every day, we have back scratchers and robotic milkers the cows can go into every day.”

That pampered cow? Busy producing award winning milk.

“To have a tradition with giving milk out to the winning driver and actually be a dairy farmer in a family farm that we produce that milk that drivers actually want and look forward to as their trophy it’s actually amazing.”

The amazing trophy Kuehnert can’t wait to hand out.

“We actually hand that milk to the winning driver, so we have three bottles on hand, so when that driver crosses that finish line and gets in that winning circle and looks for that milk it’s going to be amazing.”

Because after all,

“Winners do drink milk.”


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